Magic Balm
Magic Balm
Magic Balm

Magic Balm

$58.00 NZD

Handmade in little old in Arrowtown, New Zealand.

This unique balm is created with 9 natural ingredients for all ages.

The Magic Balm is your one-stop shop to soothe & nourish stressed dry & inflamed skin. For both face & body use, simply warm in your fingertips & apply as often as required to any skin in need of love.

Our Magic Balm consists of

  • Organic BeesWax
  • Carnauba & Candelilla Wax
  •  Sweet Almond Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Sea Buckthorne Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Cocoa Butter.

 We cannot wait for you to have natural, healthy skin!

Feel a better you

Odd Fellows Magic Balm is your new all natural tool for daily Skin Care. 



"Really recommend the Oddfellows Magic Balm! My skin is quite dry with the constantly changing weather in Queenstown. Last year I had a massage at Oddfellows and the lady used the magic balm. I bought some to try at home and it's now used as part of my daily routine. Just ran out last week and have used other creams to tide me over and already feel my skin starting to dry out. Bought some more balm today so back to nice skin again :) Thanks Oddfellows!"

Kim Hudson

"Magic balm is hands down the best product I've used! [It was] recommended  for numerous uses and my skin has never been healthier. I've used it to help eliminate scarring, assist with dry cuticles and as an overall moisturiser. Highly recommend it as a product and Oddfellows as a salon. Keep up the great work :)"

Dee Dwyer

"This is all I use on my skin (along with coconut oil) and has completely healed and cleared my acne! Smells so good and is super hydrating to put on my skin at night (and helps with bags under eyes) highly recommend"!

Sophie Walton

"MAGIC is right! Say goodbye to eczema with magic balm"

Harriet Wisker

If you want to pamper yourself then you are in right place. Magic balm is wonderful for skin and cruelty free. One of must haves.

Ruzan Forrest

I had a really itchy rash on middle of tummy, reached for magic Balm, rash kept coming and going, I thought this must be serious as rash wouldn't go. Trip to doctor only to tell me i had a reaction to the metal belt buckle. Took belt off applied more magic Balm and voila, rash cleard up pretty instantly . God I love Magic Balm

Theresa Ayers