Seabuckthorn oil is saving this day! 


This term 'acne' is used rather loosely, as true acne is actually quite unusual & rare. When it is real it is a major problem with both physical & psychological effects that can have a long-term impact. If this is what is happening to you or your son or daughter,do not underestimate the importance of helping them.


However, 'spots' / 'pimples' is a better term for what most people suffer from. The skin is growing super fast & producing masses of oil (sebum) to help it grow. Marketing and myth have lead people to believe that their skin is “dirty” or needs scrubbing. What it actually needs is to be gently & carefully managed through this pain-in-the-neck period without leaving scars, mentally & physically.


Stop over washing your face with what is basically the most caustic stuff around. The surface of the skin often is so dry that the sebum can't get to the surface of the skin to lubricate it so it forms pimples & lumps that most people can't resist mashing. They inevitably pop the spot & end up leaving an infected follicle that festers & eventually burst, which will leave a dark, nasty scar for some time.


Our advice is to get professionals to do any extractions & avoid washing your face with harsh cleansers.  Use a delicate cleanser (like our cleansing balm) & use Magic Balm 3 - 5 times a week at night. It's antibacterial & contains anti-oxidants, with nourishing butters & oils that will help to calm your skin & get you through this difficult stage without permanent scarring. Its' just a stage & it passes, I promise.

Other uses: wrinkles, eczemapsoriasis, dermatitis, acne, nappy rashlips, hands , wounds , stretch-marks,  scars