Carnauba & Candellila Wax

Plants, not petroleum!

Carnauba wax comes from the leaves of the Brazilian ‘Tree of Life’. It’s one of the hardest natural waxes and is therefore extremely durable. Candellila wax comes the from leaves of a small shrub.

Combined with our beeswax, these waxes create a very powerful barrier between your skin and environmental stresses like weather, pollution and free-radicals. This powerful protective barrier allows all the other nutrients and moisturisers in our balm to penetrate deeply into the skin, without drying out.


These plant waxes allow our Magic Balm to last in all conditions, without needing to use any industry-standard fillers like petroleum jelly. Petroleum-based products suffocate your skin, whereas our plant waxes and beeswax allow your wonderful skin to breathe! 


Because of these waxes, we have no water molecules in Magic Balm. Because of this, no nasties can grow in the jar, and Magic Balm has a very long shelf-life. 


Last but not least, these plant waxes help to make skin soft and smooth. As hypoallergenic ingredients, they are safe to use on inflamed and itchy skin.