Sweet Almond Oil

Delicate, Nourishing & Cleansing

Almond oil is an extremely mild, hypo-allergenic oil, safe enough to be used on babies and the most sensitive of skin. Deeply moisturising without irritating, it’s safe to use on damaged and worn-out skin.


Rich in proteins, vitamins A D and E, Almond oil is best known for its ability to soothe and nourish skin, leaving it more elastic, soft and supple.


Almond Oil is a great cleanser for skin. Because it is so fine and easily absorbed by skin, it softens and dislodges dirt and environmental debris that become trapped in pores. Because of this, it’s a great natural makeup remover, clears acne and helps reduce dark circles under the eyes.

It’s rich in Zinc for strong and healthy skin, nails and cuticles. And the combination of Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium make for thick, healthy and shiny hair.