Coconut Oil

Cleansing, moisturising & anti-bacterial

Coconut oil is a thorough, yet gentle cleanser. It’s an amazing make-up remover, deeply cleansing pores and allowing skin to breathe. It also penetrates hair better than other oils for long-lasting moisture. 


High in saturated fats, these retain the moisture content of ski and reduce moisture loss. As a mild oil, it’s very gentle on irritated or inflamed skin. 


Coconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial. This is due to lauric acid, which constitutes about 80% of coconut oil, and is a powerful anti-bacterial agent. The only other natural substance high in lauric acid is breast milk!

These anti-bacterial properties have many wonderful benefits for skin by protecting vulnerable skin from pathogens and infections. Most importantly, it reduces the risk of bacterial infections in acne, preventing the formation of white-heads whilst the oil cleanses pores of excess sebum. 


Coconut oil is also anti-fungal, preventing the occurrence of fungal skin-infections, and limiting their spread.