Hands/Cuticles & Cracked Heels

It goes without saying that these areas generally get dry & hard skin that can crack and bleed if not treated properly.


Again, prevention is better than cure. Excess skin is the bodies way of protecting itself.  You help it first of all by keeping skin nourished with Magic Balm so it doesn't have to have such a build up. Magic Balm on feet at night with cotton sock works wonders with cracked heels & also helps with fungal infection treatment.


Hands, fingernails, and cuticles are all skin with various levels of “hardness”.  Keeping them supple & nourished stops them from cracking up. Magic Balm has no fillers or water so it's not like a normal hand cream that sinks in or evaporates and does nothing. You will feel the protective layer of Magic Balm long after it is applied. It's best used as a treatment on your hands/nails at night or after washing.

Other uses: wrinkles, eczemapsoriasis, dermatitis, acne, nappy rashlips, hands , wounds , stretch-marks,  scars