Dry Skin

Our skin does get dry for various reasons, some are because as we age the sebum production slows down as other essential bodily functions take precedence – obviously mother nature didn't think we needed to look young forever!


Environmental and marketing influences play a big part in how we treat our skin. The food, water & toxins we ingest have a big impact too. I know this is boring but it is the truth & no cream or magic pill will fix that. So be realistic with your self-care, and then the magic can begin….

Magic Balm has 9 amazing waxes, butters & oils that all combine to create the perfect mixture of protective ingredients to help save your skin. It should be used by everyone at least 2-3 times a week & for drier/older skin it should be used every night.

As our balm has no water, the formula remains the same despite the changing seasons & temperatures. You may need to warm the balm in the palm of your hand before applying. Use all over your body, face, eyes & neck.


Remember that our necks & the back of our hands show our age first even with “extra” help. So apply generously. 

Oh, and don't spray perfume on your neck – that's 100% alcohol !! Don't over-cleanse or exfoliate your skin, leave it alone & have facials with professionals.

Other uses: wrinkles, eczemapsoriasis, dermatitis, acne, nappy rashlips, hands , wounds , stretch-marks,  scars