Anyone who has suffered with eczema understands the frustration of trying to manage the condition without steroids, but there often comes a point it gets so bad that you go back to the hydrocortisone creams.


We understand & have seen the long-term physical & mental effects of this horrible condition. All we can say is you have to try this one last product as it will desensitise your aggravated condition.

You have to use it daily for at least 4 week before you will see a result (miracles do take time), as your skin cells turn over every 4 weeks and they need to be sure that this is the new 'normal' for them. We have seen amazing results with many smiley people who have finally found a natural and sustainable remedy to skin they have suffered with their whole life. 


It has also had incredible results with kids who start the habit of applying Magic Balm themselves.


P.S Get rid of all shampoos & cleansers that are sulphate-based. Stop washing your kids all the time! Have a think about what is in the washing powders that are touching your skin!

Other uses: wrinkles, eczemapsoriasis, dermatitis, acne, nappy rashlips, hands , wounds , stretch-marks,  scars