Razor Rash

Essentially razor rash is because you can't shave properly. Its not rocket science but seems to elude many men for all of their lives.

The trick is to use only a gentle, non-foaming oil or shave cream like the old days, on a nice & warm face. Only shave in the exact direction of hair growth- not rasping down against the grain. Your hair probably swirls all over the place, more than you think – side to side and up & down etc. If in doubt get a lady to show you the direction of your hair growth & go with the grain.

If you hate throwing blunt razors out then just buy cheap disposable ones & use less. This means they are sharper & don't have bacteria living in them.


The perfect compliment to your shaving routine is a little Magic Balm to cover the pores and protect your baby's bottom of a shaved face.

Other uses: wrinkles, eczemapsoriasis, dermatitis, acne, nappy rashlips, hands , wounds , stretch-marks,  scars